ALPHA v0.0.1, No installation required

A turn-based, text-based, luck-based, web-based, single-player, tactical character builder game.

Story of the Abyss

You are a simple life form, nobody knows what you are, including yourself. You can feel the shivering air around you and occasional dimming lights emitting from a distance. You are confused and unsure. But to survive, you must venture deeper into the Abyss. You can hear sounds, by presumably ungodly creatures that lurk in the dark -

"Sound of the Abyss"

is the signal where danger lies. But it's also the only guiding sounds to venture forward, survive, or discover what you are and the secret of the Abyss. The deeper you go, the more danger is gets. Devour, evolve, and survive. Just make you don't turn into one of those creatures -

"Wait, did I already... ?"